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Saturday, October 27, 2012

barn, pond, kitchen and mini show pics

Spicing up Koda's barn

Removed grass

Added fence

Lots of coffee grounds for the dirt yard

Brushed away extra grounds to see spots that were missed.

Still plan on doing something different with her roof and need to shingle the bungalow

Love the saddle from Julie! Thanks Julie!!

Notice the cats reflection in the pond

The lilly pad will be raised out of the water some

Now my cat is looking at the turtle weighing down the lilly pad

Stated to put together my half scale kitchen

Went to the 3 Blind Mice miniature show in Toledo Ohio.
I am glad this was not my first show - was not to impressed.
I did pick up this lot for $15. I was only going to get the picture for the frame, but the lady offered me all her half scale for one price.

I found the blue Lee's Line half scale chair I was interested in. That morning I had emailed the owner of Happily Ever After to see if she could get the couch and chair. Now I just need the couch!

Half scale fish - just love the fish!

Started paper on the half scale bedroom

Set up more of the patriotic scene. The paper really bothers me!

Railing on Halloween scene finished. Crow added.
Scared kids dropped their candy bag!
Skull will be coming out of a grave in the corner.


  1. So does the house smell like coffee now? :)

    I love that tiny fishbowl too!

  2. I love Koda's barn with the horses. I also love the pond and the cat looking for catch. The tiny fishbowl is cute.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. My house smells great! Love coffee!!

    Thanks Drora - trying to get the little pieces put in their places!

  4. Amazing work Audra!! I really love the pond!!
    vicky ♥ ♥

  5. Amazing work! I like the pond with the cat is looking at the tartle.
    Bye Faby