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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dakoda's Basement

Dakoda has really wanted me to get working on her basement. As much as I love her getting involved and helping with the houses, something like this is easier to do without help. She has been at a friends house for 2 full days - which not only gave us the opportunity to take the boys to dinner and watch a movie with them by ourselves, but also gave me a lot of quiet time to figure her miniature basement out.

The table size is perfect for her barn and bungalow, but it sat too low to the ground. I had the end table her barn used to sit on. I removed those legs and all the trim on the coffee table, then re-attached the original trim and the longer legs.

I cut a thin piece of wood to use as the ceiling and the back wall and used plywood for the side walls.

While I had easy access to the ceiling, I glued scrapbook paper on that can later be painted the color of her choice.

I had some problem with sagging - these things happen with age. Nothing a little support can't fix!

Overall look so far. Once she is home she can decide what rooms will go where so we can place our wallpaper order with Happily Ever After. The owner ships fast, so we may be able to get things papered next weekend.

I know I have burned a ton of calories - running upstairs to measure the fit, running back to the basement to cut the wood, running back up to add the wood in, running back down - and forgetting what I was there for and have to run back up... but eating the bag of easter candy as I passed through the kitchen - maybe we can just call that even.

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  1. You'll have to tell us Koda's reaction once she gets home from her friend's house!
    Lori K.