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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Purple Overload!

 Progress is being made on the house I am giving to my great niece, Brae.

When I started to re-do the house I figured all I really needed to do was just re-paper the bedroom to something more fun - kid like, and paint the exterior purple.

While painting the exterior, I noticed the paper stone foundation was starting to peel away.
Truthfully, I could have re-glued it down. 
Eh - I will just peel it all off and use the Make It Stone paint.

House wasn't  very secure. 
Easy fix.

Bedroom in progress of make-over

I used scrapbook paper for wallpaper - which tears easily when you try to apply it. To prevent that from happening I put a coat of Mod Podge on it.

The papers did not match exactly, so the seam is visible. 

Almost finished.
Just need to finish papering the half wall.

Bathroom before

I removed the bathroom set. Brae would probably want to rearrange the pieces.
I am hoping to match paint to the paper where the wallpaper pulled off.

Kitchen before

Why do I only have the precut trim pieces for the right side?

Living room before

I like using towels for carpet. The flat part of the towel makes a great stair runner.

All that work on the runner and you can't even see it!

Once I add the last pieces of trim, spray the roof and foundation the house will be good to go.

Next week my mom and I are heading down to VA to pick up my daughter. 
Do you know what/who is on the way back?
Lori and her girls from Happily Ever After!

I am going to have to force myself to make a visit.


  1. The house is looking amazing! She's gonna love it: what a lucky little girl!

  2. Hello Audra,
    Great work on the house. Purple is one of my favourite colours and the house is awesome.
    Big hug

  3. Hi, Audra - I'm loving the purple house! That's my favorite color as well, including all variations from amethyst to eggplant. What fun your great niece will have with this house.

  4. Well done Audra, it's looking great. I really love the purple on the exterior.

  5. Preciosa Audra,me encanta.besitos