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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Brave or Stupid?

On to the roof!

Should have this house finished soon for my great niece.

My friend made a comment that I am so brave for spraying the house after the interior is completed.
Brave? I think stupid is more like it.

All taped off and ready to spray

Crap - forgot to add the last 2 shingles.

Now ready to spray

First coat complete.

I didn't get a chance to take photos outside of the completed roof. BF and I had to quickly rescue it from a thunderstorm.
I am pretty certain our home owners insurance wouldn't cover water damage.

Once I removed all the paper, there were a couple areas on the foundation that missed the spray.

I sprayed the textured paint inside the lid, then dabbed it on the missed areas.
Easy enough fix.


I removed the acrylic from the windows so little hands can reach through if she wanted to.

Welcome mat, her house numbers and a fresh plant to make it homey.

I have some furniture and a few accessories for her, but they need to be tweaked to be more appealing to a little girl.

 On a side note -
I cut down a lot of branches and 5 trees.  
One branch  was hanging over our fence and on our pine tree needed to come down, but was out of my reach.

This is another Brave or Stupid example

BF helping
Do you think this is why women live longer than men?
At least he didn't get covered in poison ivy like I did.

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I am her non-shopper Michigan friend!


  1. The house looks amazing! She's going to love it! Great job! (And tell BF that insurance doesn't cover thunderstorms or stupidity -- get off the truck bed and go get a ladder!)

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, btw! :)

  3. Looks great :) You niece is going to love it.

  4. This is such a pretty house - so fresh and clean! I like the extra homey touches on the porch. Your story of the tree branch misadventure is hilarious. The use of a ladder is a good thing that some men don't recognize as such.

  5. Wow! You have a lucky niece. She is going to love this, I know I would. :)

  6. I like how you've finished this! The base looks great and it looks so nice with the exterior walls.

  7. Hello Audra,
    The house looks lovely. In all cases, I call brav3e!
    Big hug

  8. Una casa encantadora, me encanta.Feliz fin de semana:-)