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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Miniature Wedding Scene

This scene was made for a friend that I used to work with.
I regret that I never took pictures of the completed scene before I gave it to her.

The cake was originally pink and green. I painted it to replicate her cake. Wedding rings were added to the top of the cake - including a real diamond.
Framed Bride and Grooms engagement photo.

The Groom really likes his pizza. They had that at the rehearsal dinner.
The black paper next to the pizza is a copy of their invitation.

I did my best to replicate her dress.

Ready for the honeymoon at the beach.
There is a bucket of sand tucked behind the luggage.

Birds eye view (minus the pizza and engagement photo)


  1. How wonderful! What a great gift to her!

    ~ Chris

  2. Lovely gift. I really like how you used parts from their wedding to add a personal touch.

  3. it's so cute, what a great gift :)

  4. Que bonito te ha quedado,precioso y delicado regalo,besitos