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Friday, November 30, 2012

Half Scale Bed

Today I received the half scale bed I ordered from dale's dreams. She doesn't normally have half scale items so I am glad I fell upon this bed she dressed.

It looks so much better in person!

The bed will live in the Chantilly that I will start on again soon for the contest. The room is so small, that the bed seems too big.

The bed is about the same size as my other half scale bed. I will have to play with the Chantilly room to see what I can do for layout.
By the way - to make sure I had enough space to keep loading pictures, I deleted some off the blog - close up shots and things like that so there is room on Picasa. Pain - but worth it.


  1. Cut bed! About picasa and photos, take a look at my blog and you will find something about it.

  2. Hi, Audra!
    What lovely little bed!!!
    Sooooooo cute!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Que cama tan bonita,besitos