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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Check out my basement!

There are still more blocks to be made,but I ran out of paper clay.

A divider was made for an extra bedroom.
The piece of wood is also supporting the floor up - secured to the ceiling and the basement floor.
(drying in picture)

I drilled a hole through the stairs and ran a screw threw it...

and predrilled a hole in the ceiling to hold the stairs snug in place.

I also screwed from the bottom up - into the stairs to also help hold the bottom floor in place.

Here is where my awesome idea came to me!

Papered part of the wall. You won't be able to see this much, except now.
I picked orange, as I love it, and again - it won't be very visable.
I boxed in the laundry room and created a hallway.
The wall on the left is not attatched yet.

This is a view down the hallway to the guest bedroom.
Obviously I have more work to do - but I thought this was pretty clever.

Here is the bare Halloween display.

Painted the side and ceiling black.

The false wall is painted gray and I added egg carton stones to the foundation.

I broke a corner piece from the acrylic with my pliers for my broken window.

Using some of the material Keli gave me, I made curtains.

'House' was dirtied up and foundation painted.
I am thinking a flower box with some dead flowers in it!

My chairs were painted black for the Thanksgiving display. Still waiting on 2 more chairs, among other things.

Couple more fish added to the pond. I only have 3 more fish to add.
Should I order some more??

When I was working on my basement I kept hearing noises - took me a mintue to realize my cat was messing with the miniatures on the shelves.


  1. Your shaved cat is looking fluffier than last photo of cat! ;o)

  2. I LOVE your basement! That hallway is just awesome! Nice work!

  3. Great work. Your cat is fantastic.
    Bye Faby

  4. I enjoy keeping up with you!I come to your blog often to see what you've got done,it's looking good