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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Contest / 1/2 scale Chantilly

I purchased the half scale Chantilly a couple years ago, but was never really happy with the floor plan.

Here is how the shell of the house goes together by the directions.

The third floor attic space seemed so useless to me.

Here is how I decided to change it up.

I added a double wrap around porch making the small cottage appear larger.

The entire third floor was removed to give it a cathedral type ceiling.

One of my favorite finds was this half scale pond that I recessed into the yard. I had a hard time finding a perfect bench. I emailed the owner of Happily Ever After and she was able to find one for me.

I had some purple/green vine in my stash. The plan was to give it away, but when I rolled it up to put it in a baggie, I saw a perfect half scale bush.

The door mat came from Homes In Miniature in the UK. A half scale online store. This was my first order I had placed with this company and was really happy with them.

Shingles were also ordered from HEA.

The second level screen door was added for access to the porch.

The living room is very cozy with the reading corner and a small TV. The original stairs were along the left wall in the room. To open up the space, the stairs were removed and I made a spiral staircase to lead upstairs.  Lee's Line chairs were also ordered from HEA.

The print on the wall is a painting a character of Stephen King's painted from the book Duma Keys.

The occupant of the house loves her Stephen King books. On the side table is her book Under The Dome that she is currently reading. She has tried reading IT a few times, but found the book too scary for her. Instead she tucked it behind her chair and hides her cash in it.

Her kitchen is simple. Much like me, she does not like to cook.
I made most of the food packages and the grocery bags.

The fork and knife on the wall are charms. They remind me of the decorations from the 1970's.

Bills, junk mail and more cash have been left laying out by her purse. She must have set all the stuff down while carrying in her groceries.

The second level has an open floor plan.
More Stephen King books on the shelf to the right.


From the side window you can see the toilet.

From the front window you can view the sink.

Storage shelf cluttered with more books, creams and lotions, towels and cloths.
I made the books and the jars are beads that are dressed with labels I printed off.


  1. I love that pond and you have used great colours. Nice makeover of the house =) Hannah

  2. Congrats on finishing such a huge project! It's lovely :)

  3. Que maravilla, me encanta, esta todo precioso.
    Un abrazo.

  4. Congratulations Audra on finishing such a big job...everything is wonderful and I wish you all the very best!

  5. The house looks amazing. I love the carp pond. x

  6. I love what you've done with it. Incredible :D

  7. I love the Chantilly and what you've done with it! Good luck!

  8. It is wonderful!! Great job! I also love willow trees! Maybe you should find a way to sneak one into every build??

  9. Such a wonderful job! It's so darn cute! Congrats!


  10. Gasp! Oh, wow!!! What a stunning little beauty! I'm so glad the UK order worked out, too. :D Fantastic bedding and curtains in the bedroom. Bravo!

  11. Audra, this is so gorgeous! I love everything about it. Right down to the grocery bag and the fish pond. Great job.

  12. It looks amazing well done!

  13. So sweet and feminine, and tiny! The details are fantastic and the exterior renovation knocked my socks off!

  14. what a great make over, the only steven king book I didn't like was silver bullet, it was a bit preachy.

  15. Looks wonderful!!! My favourite part is for sure the bedroom. The little wicker shelf melts my heart! :))


  16. Beautiful job, and I love the bedroom suite with the bathroom!

    Cheers, Neen

  17. This is pretty. The roof is fab.

  18. You have worked wonders with this little beauty! I love how you finished the roof and the pink exterior is dreamy! I wonder how such a dainty personality can be addicted to Stephen King! hahah Opposites attract? You have a delicious little cottage! Just wonderful!


  19. Love the addition of the porches, gives the house a whole new look. You've included so many lovely little details, makes it look so lived in. I can imagine that someone is going to wonder back in at any moment.

  20. your house is so beautiful...i love it !

  21. So pretty! My favourite part is the colour palette! I think the roof is just so perfect with the pink. The tile in the bathroom is just gorgeous, I want that in mini and real life! Well done!

  22. I love the bedroom, it reminds me so much of my dream bedroom. I am definetely going to make a dollhouse bedroom similar to yours. :)

  23. Beautiful house! Why didn't I think of a wrap-around porch for my new house? I'll add that in. Thanks Audra. You're an inspiration.

  24. This is the cutest dollhouse ever. I just adore the detail, it's truly brilliant! You have a wonderful talent to be sure. I wish I could shrink myself tiny and move in :)