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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Making Glenwood Great Again!

Ahhh yes. The good ole days. The mighty Glenwood stood broad and strong. 
Well, shit happens and things change.
I miss the yard with the pond and willow tree. The over all scene was eye catching - to me anyways.

Before my multiple moves and demolitions to the house, I had electrical. 
Let me tell ya - that was sharp.

 From beauty to this

Even setting the porch roof in place and covering up the base, 
sometimes you just can't fix ugly.  No matter how hard you try to cover it up or overlook it, the ugly is still there.  

Now what?
Original plan was to just find a sturdy, used coffee table to set the house back on.

Instead, I removed the basement that was home to the billiards room and boys bedroom. 
I see another room box  or two in my future.

The wheels were useless on the carpet, so that rig job was also removed .

Time to build a wall.
More like raise the roof -- the porch roof.

With great care, the porch spindles were packed away for a few years. 
More like they were tossed in in box during a mad rush to move.

It has been like a puzzle trying to salvage them.  I could purchase new posts and railings, but I would rather have a room box when the times comes.
One section at time, I have been able to piece them together and paint them the current color scheme. 

Always nice to have some help.

She doesn't appear to look top-heavy anymore.
Maybe beige table skirt for the base?

My turtle also likes checking up on the Glenwood. 


  1. Where are the windows? You gotta put them back in!
    Glad to see turtle is still around!

    1. Once the railings are done, I will tackle the windows and shutters!

    2. A turtle house inspector! So cute!

      My turtle, Princess Kiwi, couldn't give a flying fig newton about my dollhouses. But she does quite like her tower (what's a princess without a tower?)

      So nice to see your turtle! And your house looks amazing! I love it and I can't wait to see it all put back together.

    3. You have a turtle? 🐢
      Mine is just happy to be held and carried around.

  2. It is so nice to see an old dollhouse, given a new look. Paint makes such a difference and freshens up not only the build but inspires new ideas as well! :D


  3. I think it is starting to come together. I really liked the red, but I have a red house in real life, so I am biased!! I think some more plants when you have finished with the windows. That always helps with the overall scene.

    1. Thanks! The original color was more of a burnt orange. The camera doesn't capture that well.
      I need to find some fall flower kits. Maybe even some hostas. They seem to last a little into the fall season.

  4. I think turtle would like to move in. :)