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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It's a wash

Completed my half scale turtle tank - or so I thought.
From this view I am pleased with the out come.

From the side view - the view that the tank will be displayed, you can see the line from the first layer I poured. A couple people suggested lines would be visible, but the directions stated otherwise.
Now I know.

On to attempt #2.
I removed the black trim from the first tank.

Also tried to dig out the turtle to save him - with no luck.
RIP little guy. 
The turtle on the dock can be salvaged.

My little guy.
More work than a dog!

I had the same luck on the full scale pond.
The water turned out fine but the sand dried in two different colors.
I give up.
For now.

 In my frustration, I started bouncing around to other unfinished projects.
Full scale bedroom in my Grandma's house before:


Printed some posters and pictures for the frames I have.

Used some of my favorite family photos and my turtle print.

Full scale bath in my Grandma's house.
Not happy with the glue smudges around the print, but they can only be seen in pictures.

Full scale pics in the Glenwood hallway.
I have another family picture that I still need a frame for.

In the office - me and BF in an old time photo.

Go Vikings!

Half scale Victorianna

Do you see what I see?
Besides a poorly cut half scale porch post -
I see vases and jars.

Cutting out sections of the post I made a vase.
It wouldn't look acceptable in open view.

But behind a glass door it masks that my vase is fake.

Made a few jars for the bathroom cabinet.
Straight on it looks OK, but once the cabinet is in place they will appear better.

Added some details to the half scale porch.
The trim is from the Victorianna kit.
Filled in the cracks and gaps with mud, but I didn't photograph that.

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  1. Hello Audra,
    It is a shame you are having trouble with the tank...keep at it. You got some nice work done.
    Big hug