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Saturday, May 7, 2016

You better watch out for the farmer's wife

You better watch out for the farmer's wife
She'll cut of your tail with a carving knife.
Three blind mice!

Yesterday BF and I went to the 3 Blind Mice miniature show in Ann Arbor, MI.
The half hour drive took almost 2 hours because of construction and rush hour traffic.
I was not a happy camper. Then I walked in the doors.
All problems solved.
Here are pics of the goodies:

First booth I stopped at was my favorite vender.

Half scale pieces.
I may email her to see if she can do a black squirrel.

Love this little half scale dragon. He will go in the Mansion boys room.

Half scale turtle.
He is so tiny.

A full scale frame. Plan to paint the frame. Not sure what color, but I hate gold and brass.
I will print pics of our family and hang this in the Glenwood.

Itty bitty ribbon

This little duck was marked $50. I thought it was maybe a price tag from another item, or an extra zero added. I was willing to pay $5, and that is what they gave it to me for.
Cute little jar of half scale green olives.

Half scale napkin holder

Full scale loot from Wright Guide Miniatures.:

Airplane game. I am going to use the little planes in BF's office,
or maybe set it up on the floor in his office.

How cool is this!?
I am not a D&D geek but this is cool.

This barrel of monkeys game may work in half scale.

Playboy that I will tuck away in the boys bedroom.
BF was disappointed that they only had the one to pick from.

Items for the garage

 I have a full scale Robin with nest, but in my many moves, the nest has fallen apart.

Small nativity scene for my half scale Victorianna.

One more walk through the vendors and I stopped to look at Barbara Meyer's table again.
Found some items I over looked the first time.

I seem to be drawn to ducks.
Half scale duck family. 

Half scale statue with bird

But this!
This is my favorite piece.
Half scale peacock!

One of my mini FB friends makes some awesome pieces.  Right now she is working on half scale dishes for me. She just made this beautiful fish tank. I asked her to make a half scale turtle tank for me. I will send her my little turtle and a stand for her to use.
I think her fish tank is for sale.


  1. Great stuff! I love the duck family too!

  2. Wonderful purchases. I also love the tiny peacock but most of all I love the fish tank your friend made.
    Have fun playing with all your new stuff.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. unas preciosas compras



  4. Hello Audra,
    What amazing miniatures! The group of ducks is just wonderful! The fish tank is awesome!
    Big hug