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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Turtle Time!

Making some progress on my half scale turtle tank.
It all started with a plastic case and turtle from Barbara Meyer.

I made a basking dock using a piece of half scale parquet flooring.
Added plastic greens using cheap aquarium décor.

I ended up ordering an additional half scale turtle and a gold fish from mini-gems.
As much as I love the fish, unfortunately he is a little too big for what I had in mind.

I did have a half scale goldfish in a bowl...
only if I can get to him.

Hey! look it there! Cute little guy.
 But after one more gentle tap with the hammer,
well, let's just say May He Rest In Peaces.

Moving on -

I painted the bottom of the tank with glue and added some fine grained sand.

After reading, and re-reading the directions for the new resin water I am using,
 I mixed up a small amount.

I stirred well as directed and waited for bubbles to clear before I dribbled a little at a time into the tank. 

Currently my tank is angled for the resin to dry.
Once/if/when it is dry, I can add my second turtle so it will appear as if he is swimming towards the dock. Then I can do the second layer.

Reluctantly on to move forward on the full scale pond.

This is what I am trying to redo.

Using a food container again for the pond.

I added some wood to make it appear if it sloping.
Slowly adding the pond base with the same fine sand.

What little resin I had left, I poured into the sand and started adding pond greens.
The stalks are leaning on the sticks while they dry.

Still lots more work, but I will get there.

I wasn't really certain if things were going smoothly,
but my supervisor assured me things were looking good.


  1. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

  2. yo diria que estas haciendo muy buen trabajo con ambos estanques , me encanta



  3. Looks good! If it doesn't work I have some jeweler's quality resin I can make you a pond from.