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Monday, March 7, 2016

Measure Twice, Cut Until It Fits

Painting the window trim is such a tedious task so I do them one at a time. Once the interior frame was in, I attempted to put the acrylic in. Trying to squeeze the window in the opening reminded me of trying to put my shorts on after a long winter. Wasn't gonna happen.

After a little cosmetic surgery, the window set within the opening. But I could see the unpainted window jamb. Painted the jamb white and slipped in the acrylic.

One down, a million to go.

Remember Fingerhut catalogs? Before you toss them in the trash flip through them. I found a lot of pictures that would work great for miniature artwork. Just add frames.

Seems like my Glenwood has been stuck in the corner for a while now. We added stilts to the table, but we never finished the job to keep them stable.

Today I boxed in the legs to keep them from splitting like Bambi on ice.

Yes - I know. It's ugly. Guess what? I don't care. I can add another shelf, or make that a bin for treasures. Around the front and sides I plan to add material (like a bed skirt idea) to hide the gaudiness. I would share an overall back view of the house, but it really disturbs me that the basement stairs do not line up with the other stair cases.

Funny - look at the crap job - yet the staircase is what bothers me!

We (I) decided to get carpet in the house. The hardwood is pretty, but I can't take the cold, the tumbleweeds of cat hair and the sound of the dogs nails on them anymore. The hardwood is actually a laminate floating floor. I need to pull that up before the carpet is laid. I am going to attempt to put laminate in my mini room.

Between the living room and kitchen we will eventually have a bar/counter extending half way across. Feeling somewhat handy, I figured I could start the divider now and we can add the rest later.

So I made a half wall myself. The floor in the kitchen was just replaced. I think it turned out pretty well - and it is peel and stick tiles. I didn't lay the floor where the counter and cupboards will be.

View from living room. It is even level!
I wonder what BF will think of it when he gets home from work!

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  1. Hello Audra,
    The windows are a pain, but they will look so good when all finished. The table base might not be the most elegant, but as long as the house doesn't come crashing down who cares.
    Big hug

  2. Thinking of all of my windowless houses right now. LOL I think you can do lots with the table later. Paint etc. I wouldn't worry either.

  3. Hi Audra,

    thank you for joining my blog some time ago... I had some trouble finding yours but now I'm here... and still having trouble because your pictures don't show up for me (the post's pics, not the ones in the sidebar - I don't have to understand everything, no, I don't). Well, I hope your next post and I will get together much better... *LOL*

    Greetings from Germany

    1. Welcome! Thanks for letting me know about the photos. I am pretty sure it is my phone. Guess it's them to get a laptop to post from.