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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nooks and Crannies

I ordered the half scale porch kit on Friday off eBay. I received it unexpectedly on Saturday. I placed the box on the shelf next to Grandma's Shirley Temple doll.


Figured I would get to it someday.

Someday showed up about 4 hours later. The main gist of it is built.

On to Leon's Mansion -
There are a lot of half scale spindles that need to be painted. To make process easier, I drilled multiple holes into a block of wood to hold the spindles while they dried.

So much easier to assemble the railing before the stairs are attached.

Almost finished project. I am not happy with the white posts and will stain 2 more posts to replace the white ones.

In one of our many moves this bedroom set broke. I believe this came from eBay a few years ago.

It glued back together nicely. The style is more Victorian and will not match the rest of the decor, but maybe the owner inherited a set from family. Basically - I like the set and it fits in this room so it will stay. It might blend a little better once the bed is dressed.

Started to paint some windows. They have such tiny details and a lot of crannies to get into. It took 2 episodes of Pretty Little Liars to paint 3 windows. 

The dark wood is not easy to cover. The newer kits come with birch windows so they are lighter. I think I will spend another $20 and order the birch windows. This house has many windows.

I did alter the windows to add sills.

View from the dining room

Another view with the stair railing.

The round windows came with trim, but they seems too bulky/out of scale.

To fix that, I took 2 of the extra windows I ordered and cut off the top pediments.

I glued them together and placed it in front of the window. Right now the original trim on the front of the house is visible. That will also be changed out. That little window took 3 episodes of Pretty Little Liars long to do, but much like people on Facebook do with real life, I will only share the happy details of this build I want you to see and not the botched things  I ruined.

Another window completed.

In the girls room I did not add sills, but I am adding a window seat. This is still a work in progress. Thank goodness for Netflix on my phone to help pass the time. Only problem with watching while working is that I don't take as many pictures.

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  1. It's coming along very nicely. I do that, too. Build things on the spur of the moment. It must be a creative compulsion gene that we have! haha