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Monday, February 15, 2016

It's All About The Space

Still getting things situated in the mini room. I took this shelf off the wall to raise it up.

Didn't have to raise it much, but it is enough room that a small full scale dollhouse will fit on the desk. I pulled my Rosedale out of seclusion to join my other treasures on the shelf.

With some off the left over wood, I made yet another shelf, but this time in my kitchen. This adds even more space to store things I don't need. Also added a divider to hold cutting board and cookie sheets. It's not pretty - but it's mine.

On to minis -
I have been stalking The Den Of Slack blog. Most recently I read how Emily used the pantry/ fridge section from the half scale SDK kitchen as a sink cabinet. I still had mine left over from my Victorianna (Greenleafs half scale McKinley).

My SDK kitchen in the Victorianna.

I was concerned the face trim wouldn't come off without breaking, but it came clean off. This piece will be tucked aside until I receive some half scale bath pieces I ordered to see what works.

On a impulse (how I do most things) I removed the shower. Again - will see how the half scale bath pieces measure up.

The front door that came with Leon's Mansion is simply a Houseworks door. Not sure what happened when I painted it a couple years ago, but I did a horrible job. I definitely did not want that on the front of the house. It can be used as the door in the office/mancave leading to the porch.

The Yorktown door is a little too fancy for the side of the house.

So I removed the top piece of trim.

I put down a couple of baseboards. Remember the bathroom wall is removable? I am pretty impressed how it fits together.

Also put some more flooring in.

and crown molding.

Besides miniatures, I have been working on our house. I should do a blog just on our adventures with this place. I could call it " The Half Assed Handy woMan"

Ordered thermal back curtains from Amazon for our porch/foyer area. One panel was not enough and I am too cheap to use 2 full panels. I am using one and a half. Problem is the gap.

After sewing the panels together, they lay smoother. The curtains came with the fancy grommets that you get the fancy curtain rod. Again - I am too cheap or would rather buy minis. I cut the grommets off with pinking shears, flipped the curtain upside down and used the cheap curtain rods.

Soon I will be adding baseboards to this room. I can do it in full and half scale - how hard could it be?

Doug - you're in my spot

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  1. Not sure why photos come up like that.

  2. me gusta mucho lo que estas haciendo , queda muy bien