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Thursday, February 11, 2016

I've Got This

I rearrange and redo my dollhouses (and real house) more than I change my undies.

Ok then. This was my closet in my mini room this afternoon.

Remember yesterday how Doug was irritated he couldn't get past my mess?

Added a shelf in the closet for the houses. I am losing the base/yard, but will still have the buildings.

Doug will be pleased once I pick up my mess.

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  1. lo del desorden en nuestra aficion es mas que comun , me alegro de que lo estes controlando



  2. Looks like you could have another shelf from that enormous board? Or is the table for another house? Otherwise I'm really impressed! Much nicer height to rearrange things in the houses.

    1. I am going to use the other piece for another shelf. Hoping to tackle thsat today.

  3. I have just been given a small shed and its already half full, where do we get it all from ?

    1. Dakoda (my daughter) and I really need a shed. If it's tucked out of site, it stays out of my mind. Hoping to make real progress on my closet so I can get to the real house things I should be doing.