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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Did It Myshelf

I don't know what it is about shelving, but I can't seem to get enough.

My closet started like this

I pulled the houses off the ground to make more space in the mini room and closet.

Doug was still not pleased. I didn't like it either.

After some technical difficulties with the wood, I managed to lower the shelf.

With enough space to add another. Still organizing, but right now I am shelfed out.

I did find the half scale table my friend Julie got me, plus 2 chairs that I thought I lost in one of our many moves.

I did have a picture of the chairs I found, but blogspot is being a bitch again and won't let me upload it.

While reading another blog- The Den Of Slack, I saw that she did a Rosedale kit bash. Tucked in my almost organized closet, I also have a half scale Rosedale.

Not much progress has been made, and I don't care for look I started. While reading another blog - Miniature House, I noticed this miniaturist did her house mostly white. I bet I can do that.

A few years ago my fiend sent me this planner.

Using those pieces (finally) I placed them in the kitchen.

I think I like this layout better. Either way, I will lose a window. The acme fridge fits better than the fridge that came with the setup.

Speaking of Windows - I requested additional windows for Leon's Mansion. The owner sent them out within 3 days.

While tinkering with Leon's Mansion, I decided to add another floor. This is just a dry fit for a visual. Should be doable.

Still plenty of room for furniture.

BF moved our corner desk into my mini room. Figured I could work on the Rye House on it, but, um...that shelf is in the way.
(not even going to try to load a picture of the Rye House tonight)

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  1. veo que has estado muy ocupada con la reorganizacion del taller y varios proyectos ,bien hecho



  2. Great ideas! I couldn't help notice...that is a really nice willow tree!