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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bespaq Bash

Warning - this may be disturbing to some readers.

I purchased my half scale Bespaq kitchen a few years ago from Happily Ever After. I am happy to own this piece, but like most things, I can't just leave crap alone.

This is how the kitchen looked last week.

Brace yourself.

I separated the upper cabinets from the lower cabinets. I will redid the counter top. Come on! How many of you have kitchen cabinets that match the counter?

This is my real life counter. Goal was to try to achieve this look.

I was actually very careful in separating the pieces.

Added a backsplash and taped off the cabinets.

I first painted them all black, then just started adding brown and tan by dabbing with a small paint brush.

It was touch and go there for a bit, but I am pleased with how they turned out.
On the backside of the sink base section, I am adding a bar. That is in the process of being painted. Also added a bead thingy to the sinks drain.

Yes - I did paint the Bespaq fridge silver.

I even did a test spot on the back of the fridge to test the paint.

Added food to cupboards

I am in search of half scale glasses and dishes.

I still am not over my shelf fetish. Look at all the wasted space under the desk!

So I added shelves and some hooks to hang things from.

Miniatures are not the only thing I frequently change. This is how my kitchen currently looks - which is the second color I have had it since we moved in.

Of course I am not pleased with this either.
How about off white walls and black cabinets? The floor also needs to be replaced.

Hoping to add a bar dividing the living room and kitchen soon.

I swear - the orange is not as bad as it appears. Either way, it's done it's time.

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  1. I am with you regarding the Bespaq. It is such a shame they do not produce more unfinished pieces. I quite often like the shape of the furniture but hate the stain which puts me off buying them.

  2. I love what you've done! Your kitchen now looks so much more real than if you'd kept it all the way it was when you purchased it.

  3. Fantastic! I love it! It looks so much more realistic now. I'm glad you're making it yours, I like to see unique pieces in houses.

  4. I like the counter top re-do much better. It looked a little fake before. When we first bought our house, I painted our cabinets black and the walls a butter yellow color. It looked great, I'm a fan of black cabinets...everyone does dark stain or white so it's nice that you're thinking outside of the box. The black will look great with the stainless appliances too!

    1. Ohh! I would live to see a picture! I think I will start my kitchen this week.

  5. Hello Audra,
    Well done! I love bespaq kitchens very much, but the wood backsplash and counters always annoyed me. This looks very realistic and you did a great job with the counters.
    Big hug