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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hope, Dream and Love Found!

Um - no. I am not getting all sappy.
Gotta be careful with those four and five letter words!
Remember a couple years back when I Destroyed My Hope and Dream? 
No? Well, pretend like you do.
I never ended up ordering replacement pieces.
Couple weeks ago I ordered some wonderful mulch from A Little More In Miniatures, the shop that I purchased the tiny laser cut pieces.
Guess what the shop owner remembered?
Probably my constant whining that I needed to order these, but never did.
Thanks so mulch!
(like the corny play on words?)
At some point the mulch will go around my Glenwood.
Adding to the list of unfinished projects, I set my goodies aside and tried to go back to Leon's mansion.
 I just can't get moving on a early 1900's period home - especially in half scale.
The house has sat long enough without attention. Giving up period home plan.
Time to start over...again.
Flipped the house upside down to prep the ceilings. 
I have ordered a some paper to get moving on this house.  
Off to real life projects that you probably don't care about.
Real life kitchen.
This was how it appeared 7 months ago when we moved in.
We have been replacing sections at a time of the cabinets.
Time for the stinky (literally) sink base section to go.
Still lots to do, but the stench of the old cabinets are out.
The new cabinets are unfinished oak that I will paint cream.
My cat enjoying the view.
You can see the cabinets on the left have already been painted.

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  1. Glad you got your Hope and Dream back! And you got Love for good measure! Life is good!!!!