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Friday, September 18, 2015

Try to keep up...

Now that I am home, sitting on my bum eating Bon Bons all day, I have been able to accomplish a few things.
(do they still make Bon Bons?)
Even with my extra time I am still too lazy to organize my pictures for the post. They will bounce around from mini projects to real life projects.
Nasty coop in the process of coming down.

Not really happy with the kids room in the basement of the Glenwood. Was going to make two loft beds, but now I am just going to re- paper (after the indent in the back wall is fixed) and just have a boys room.
Basement view

This extra room is the one I didn't know what to do with.

It will be the new home of the mini craft room.
The original  craft room will be a kid hang out room.
(is it the original craft room? I have altered this house so much I cant keep track anymore!)

Hey! First day of school.
Dakoda is a 8th grader now.

Papered the front opening bathroom.

These are really out of order!
Family pic from our Virginia vaca. A lot of the family is missing.

Lazy Sunday night.

Vincent finally got me up in the plane.
 I do believe my feet are meant for the ground only.

Finished painting our bedroom.


More back yard clean up.
You have been spared the front yard clean up pics.
Started working on Koda's bed - patching/sanding the wood to get ready for paint.

Then I will pad and carpet her stairs.
(Try to ignore the mess)

Added dormer decor thingys

Windows placed

Filling in the gaps on the gazebo roof.
Looks like crap, doesn't it?
Stay tuned. We shall see what happens.
I will have to tape the house and my walls before I spray the roof again.
I would like to make some changes to my Grandma's house by moving the bathroom to one of the larger rooms. This way I can utilize the double sink. I don't have a home for it anywhere else.
The original bathroom Grandma had could be a nursery.

Back to the Glenwood -
Took off some rocks in the foundation for the raccoon family to live.
One baby raccoon is missing. I am sure he will turn up when he is hungry.

The cover on my Christmas room box fell and broke.

Easy enough to fix. A small piece is missing in the upper left corner.
Maybe the raccoon took it. They are pesky like that.
Back at home where it belongs - with tape to hold it until I can put a hinge on the case.
This base cabinet might work in the Tiki Bar with some adjustment and paint.
Now I just need to order a cash register for the counter.
Maybe a couple bar stools also.

Last but not least - Leon's Mansion.
I papered  a bedroom.
I am not sure if I like the paper in the upper right room. I do have some newspaper wall paper that I could do the whole attic in, but it may be to busy.
Any suggestions on how to fill these rooms?
Nursery is out. I have one half scale nursery, and that is enough.


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