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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It has been over a month since Dakoda and I have been back from our Virginia trip.
Dakoda lost her dad in June, so this trip was a much needed escape to spend time with friends and family.
  In front of the best mini shop ever - Happily Ever After with Lori and her girls.
Such a great group. Miss them already.
Also met up with my sisters.
 (I am the young pale one in the middle)
Dakoda (in the white skirt) with some of her cousins.
My brother-n-law takes his photography very seriously.


Me with some of my great nieces and nephew.

Of course while I was at Happily Ever After, I picked up a few things.
Lori had a bunk bed on clearance.
 I plan on bashing these to make 2 loft beds.
A few accessories added to the garage.
Taco Bell, man cave sign, turtle wax and duct tape.
Wendy's bag

Love this yard stick!
Bath towels

Alcohol and pop for the Tiki Bar.
Plus nuts for the bar.
Perfume for the ladies room.

A ring for the night stand.
This planter is my favorite piece.
Great detail for half scale! 
Half scale curtains
Half scale tree
Dressed half scale Bespaq bed.
(it will not go in this room)
A ship for the office 
Wreath, sleigh bells and Santa's bag


A mate for my squirrel 
I also picked up a couple frames for a couple projects.
Copied the poster Vincent has in his real office for the mini office.

Framed my Grandparents photo for the room box that holds the dresser, rug and umbrella my Grandma made.

Added dirt to the barn.
 I mixed coffee grounds and Mod Podge.
Changed the TV screen from How I Met Your Mother to Star Trek.
One of my twins brought over his puppy to play with Doug.
So I can be home more for Koda these next few months I left my job.
These Pop tart cupcakes made it all worth it.
We were not using our love seat in our living room so Dakoda wanted it in her room.
Realistically, the love seat does not fit through the door of her room.
Now I really don't like to hear that something can't be done.
I look the love seat apart, the door and door jams off her room to make it fit.
Fits perfectly under her loft bed.
So now that I am home, she holes up in her room. At least now I am a room away instead of 30 miles away.
I also started taking down the chicken coop.
 Slow moving (and too hot outside to work on it right now) but it will be down soon.

Finishing painting our room.

Dakoda went flying with Vincent during one of his lessons.
I had to stay back (safely on the ground) to take pictures.









  1. Glad you had a good trip :) It's always fun meeting mini friends in person. Which reminds me, I should see when the Ann Arbor show is.

    Great loot you brought back with you....but shouldn't the mate for your squirrel be a moose? Just sayin'. "grin"

  2. Things have been busy in your house Audra. Hope things go well with Dakoda, and your mini purchases are awesome!