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Monday, May 11, 2015

What Was I Thinking?

Now that question is something I often ask myself. But check this out:

BF and I decided last minute to have a graduation party for my boys. I have 42 days to get my house presentable. Of course I am referring to the Glenwood.

Overall the slate blue looks good. It would look even better if it was not on my craft room walls.
I tried to tone the color down by adding white but it is still not what I was thinking.

I started this morning covering the walls with wimpy white.

Don't worry - I did have help. Doug was in the room with me most of the time.

He uses his body as a paint brush.

I need to get more paint, but I was able to get a lot done.

Our real house also needs things addressed before a graduation party.

The Barney Purple door had to go.

A little better?

BF picked up the rest of the upper cabinets.

Also added a microwave over the stove. Base cabinets can be done later.

Can't believe these little guys are graduating. 😢 They look too young to enter the real world.

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  1. Door looks great!
    Boys look little. LOL

  2. veo que estas en pleno cambio , eso es bueno , aunque a veces resulten un poco estresantes , que vaya muy bien la graduacion



  3. Doug looks to be a good helper!

  4. Can I get you to come over my house and work some of that magic? I really like the color of the door.
    Then I could pick up those two cute minis and bring them home with me...giggles and all. LOL btw are they twins?

  5. Yikes! You must have so much energy! I would be overwhelmed, but maybe it's that adrenaline rush; sometimes I too can move fast. The dark green door is perfect, and your craft room is beautiful. Good work…..and good luck with the remaining tasks!