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Monday, February 16, 2015

Lesson Learned

One would think that with age comes wisdom.

When Dakoda and I recently moved into our tiny apartment we knew it would be a short stay. We found our current place in a rush and it just doesn't feel homey.

My first electric bill confirmed that this is not a good place for us. We live in a basement apartment with electric heat coming from the ceiling. My electric bill is about the same as my rent!!

Neither one of us are attached to this place. We now can look for a long term rental in a better neighborhood in her school district - and I have learned to verify the heating source!!

That means the minis will have to get packed up again.

While we search for a home, I still want to knock out some simple projects.

Started shingles on Leon's Mansion.

Placed some of my half scale accessories from my friend Julie in the Victoriana.

Glued some furniture down.

Placed some crown molding.

Trimmed out the medical room box display.

Working on my tiki bar.
My friend Lori made this for me for my birthday and Christmas.

(Hate the glue marks - will cover that!)

My favorite piece in this set is from Julie. She bought me the little Hawaiian guy a couple years ago. Now he has a home!

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  1. Like they say...location, location, location. I am just glad you can still work on your minis, because you have being doing a great job on them!