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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Getting settled - for now

For the second time in 6 months we have moved. This has cause another miniature hiatus.

Our apartment is smaller but my daughter is in a better school district.

This apartment will work until my lease is up. Until then I need to finish some smaller tasks before a third and final move.

During these moves I have been reminded what a pain electrical is. I am throwing in the towel.

It was a nice towel. I was able to use it as carpet for the Glenwood's basement bedroom.

Added the last wallpaper and black walnut flooring to master bedroom.

Still need to finish off the floor with polycrylic.

This little room was planned for booze, guns and amo. Instead it will be used as the bathroom.

I removed the blue carpet in the half scale Victorianna

Papered the walls and laid down purple carpet.

Now to find more things to finish off...

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  1. I question your choices...Booze and ammo are more important than toilets.

  2. Love it! Amazing that you are still getting so much done with all the moves.

  3. buen trabajo

    besitos y feliz año nuevo