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Monday, September 1, 2014

Pretty in pink

Instead of paying for actual dollhouse paper, I found some soft pink textured scrapbook paper for the girls room.
After scraping/preparing the walls (which is nearly as bad as sanding) the paper was placed.

(Don't mid the giant foot in the kitchen)

The only lamp I had was this ugly blue living room style lamp.
Instead of buying a new light, I changed the lamp up some.

I painted the god awful blue a metallic pink and dry brushed a shimmery cream over top.

I used material from a sheer shirt to cover the lamp shade.
My cell phone does not show the details very well.
 Maybe that is a blessing in disguise.
I need to pick up a miter box so the crown molding and baseboards can be added.
The living room was such a mess. 

I secured my wire connections with solder.
Painted the back wall tan for now so it is not such a eye sore and placed the furniture in the room to get a visual of the layout.
Glued down the oak flooring.

Floor with one coat of polycrylic.
Overall view of first floor

At one point I had grand plans for a surgical room box to replicate a room in the office I work in.
The thought of creating a replica of the surgical bed was daunting so idea sat in limbo for 2 years.
I already had the stool and mayo stand for the room. They are unique pieces to just set aside.

Instead of a whole room, a little shadow box will work.
I painted the stool to match the color of stools in our office.
More progress was made this weekend on the box than what was done in the past 2 years.
 Still lots to do, but it is a more obtainable goal now.


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  1. I like the girls room, the office is coming along well to.


  2. You got a lot of work done! It's looking great.

  3. I didn't think the blue was "god-awful" (although I am much more of a "blue" person than a "pink" person) but I absolutely LOVE the new lamp! The shade is awesome and the texture of the pink paint is wonderful! I loved the giant foot, too! The family room is looking amazing, too!