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Monday, August 11, 2014

Who Needs Power Tools?

The bay window that was originally in the master bedroom will be moved to the living room.
Little by little I cut away with a utility knife.
 A jigsaw would have been much easier, but I don't want to invest in one for a single cut.

Dry fit of window.

Started placing the siding from Happily Ever After.

Last weekend my boyfriend and I were able to take a overnight trip to the upper peninsula.

I am fascinated with the bridge.

We had Victorian old time photos taken. I plan to miniature this photo into half scale for Leon's Victorian Mansion.
My twins had their senior pictures done.

Who remembers these awesome little guys from the 70's?

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  1. Siding looks great! Good job!

    I can't believe the twins are seniors this year!!!!

  2. que gran trabajo has hecho con esa ventana , esa foto esta genial y quedara muy bien en miniatura,
    tus gemelos son muy guapos



  3. The house is looking good....not as good as your handsome sons, but...

  4. What a big job replacing windows and cutting new holes and putting up siding! It looks very neat though. Well done!