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Monday, August 18, 2014

A pun on sand would go against the grain...

I hate sanding. Needs to be done, but I am going to complain the whole time I do it.

Started with the bottom of the siding to sand off the stupid MDF fuzzies.

As you can see there is still more to go, but I would rather complain here then just get it done.

Placed the black walnut flooring for the billiards room. Guess what? It needs to be sanded.

This is with the second coat of polycyclic. Can't wait for it to dry. Then I can SAND it again, add another coat and repeat.

The back corner was pretty dark.

So how cool would it be to make my fancy popcorn popper light up?


Now I just need to find some mini popcorn to fill the machine.

Tell ya what - I ditched the junction splice (all that I had) and got this little gadget in its place.

No more flickering lights!

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  1. Love those little gadgets! Lighting up your popcorn machine was genius! Can you use ripped up packing peanuts for popcorn? Shred it into crumbs and paint them to resemble popcorn!

  2. Funny, I like sanding. I guess anything mindless is fun for me. LOL Love the lighting so far!

  3. Ha! I feel the exact same way right now about life-sized sanding. I'd rather complain about it than go do it (and there's tons to do).

    Mini popcorn in a light-up popper...that would be the cutest thing ever!