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Thursday, June 26, 2014

For the house and basement to be proportionate I needed to lose even more space. We all know that size does matter - especially in miniatures. As hard as it was for me to accept the fact that I have lost another 6 inches of valuable mini space, the loss allows the house to fit better in our apartment.

I love (and hate) how the camera picks out all the flaws, but I can see here better than in real life how the stairs don't line up.

The porch roof was removed so I have access to some of the electrical.

I have also added some grass to the yard. I doubt our apartment will be our home for years so there will not be a lot of exterior work done to the Glenwoods yard. The grass placed were scraps that I had. They will make do for now.

I am also moving some other rooms around. The bathroom on the lower left will be an office/library. I may throw in my mini alcohol collection and find a unique lock for the door to keep the kids out.

The front opening room that I created on the upper right will be the bathroom. With the porch roof off, I will be able to run lighting to make the bathroom much brighter.


  1. that's a lot of demo but on the bright side you get to fix it up again and I cant wait to see the changes :)


  2. It never stops does it? Sometimes I will change a room around before I even finish with it. LOL I like the idea of the landscaping.

  3. Wow, it's like watching "Extreme Makeover" (mini house edition!) The new basement is going to be great. So glad that you are keeping the veranda, its very pretty.