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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bouncing Around

As much as I like my brick walled basement, I feel the billiards room deserves more. I had some thin press board that was from the back of my real life dresser that I stole to use as walls.

While impatiently waiting for the glued walls to dry, I started moving the boys bedroom furniture to the other room in the basement.

This was One of the boys room (with and without the light on) before combining the room with the other boys room.

I don't care for the way things look with all their current furniture places in the room. Maybe I can trade Dakoda some of my pieces for a bunk bed set she has.

Instead of adding smooth walls to the bedroom, I decided to extend the wires on the billiards light.

While digging through my crap to find my electrical tester I came across my fish tank - another favorite piece. (Billiards light is not yet connected)

Any suggestions for the floor?

All my lights are working! The junction splice and lead wire are temporarily hooked up until I can order the new terminal block that is now available.

Even the porch lights that are hooked up are working.

Front opening bay was originally the bathroom and little girls room.

I took out the wall separating the bathroom and living room to make the room smaller for an office.

View from the living room into the office

The smaller front opening section will be a alcohol storage area and a ammunition reloading room.

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  1. how about a nice wood floor for the billard room and I like the office idea