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Friday, November 4, 2011

Open Says Me!

I had plans for all my rooms, but one. I knew it was going to be Clayton's room, but it is such a large area to have to fill with things. So a change had to be made. I decided to make another section of the house front opening. I have to be careful, as the roof of the gazebo porch won't allow for me to cut all the way to the right corner of the house. I referred back to Happily Ever After's house that the owner did for her customer.  

In order to have better control of my fancy new Dremel, Jake helped me lay the house flat on her back to cut the opening.

 Sure is a big house!!

In the process of cutting...

Here are some views - I have a lot to trim out, paint and polycrylic. The paint is still wet, but I wanted to get these photos up. I am relieved it turned out without destroying my house! The gaps will be filled with trim.

This front of part of the room will be a small office. An area that Dakoda won't need to access often for play, as it won't be fun. Claytons room will be in the front.
Also notice the new front door that I ordered for the house. This door was Brae's idea. Had to cut some of the detail work down for it to fit, but it looks great! Thanks Brae!


  1. I'm looking forward to it!

    I would not have been as brave as you, to cut into your house after it was built. I got a shiver up my spine just reading the beginning of your post. Glad it worked out!

  2. Hi Audra,love your beautiful dollhouse!! I'm a new happy follower of your work now,miniregards from sunny Spain,Sonia.

  3. Thanks Tink!! I just checked out your site - you have some great things!

  4. That is a terrific cutting job! It was good that you could put the house on its back to do the cutting. Also, that view really shows how large the house is. It's really coming along nicely!