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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Wait Is Over

Phew! I have been saving and planning for this house for about a year. Sold 4 houses to be able to make room for this beautiful beast. Now that I have it, I am not sure what I am going to do with it.
The box was very well packed from Real Good Toys. I just love the smell of that plywood. Checking inside the box of all the parts and pieces, I wondered how I managed to build the huge Woodstock as my first house. First thing I have to do is take the pieces I don't need right now and tuck them away so I don't get overwhelmed.

Testing the layout - turns out she won't fit so well. Not with the landscaping plans I would like to do. I had Jake check out the rough idea layout and he suggested getting a sheet of wood that is 4x8 feet to sit on top of my table. That would space the garage well from the swingset and house. Plus it will allow more room for the stairs leading to the apartment in the garage.

This doesnt have the pieces for my porch, but it still gives me an idea of the size. 

In what I can, I have been trying to include Dakoda in this build as much as possible. 
Helping nail the frame together. I started the nail and she finished. Did a great job!

I started the build on my dining room table. It couldn't stay there forever, and I am not ready to move the house upstairs.I went to Salvation Army and found this perfect coffee table to have the house sit on for only $10. I didn't see  Once I am done with the build, maybe Dakoda's barn and her new bungalow could sit on here.

Because I bought the addition seperate from the house, I had to cut doorways leading to the rooms.

One of the hiccups I ran into was that the addition I had prebuilt did not sit flush against the house. I had to take it apart and attach it piece by piece - probably like I should have done in the first place.

Another hiccup was that the layout I had in my head for the past few months, did not work out so well as I had planned. For starters - I wanted the bedroom on the left. Problem is - the room is deep enough, but not wide enough to fit the bed and dresser comfortably. The kitchen that I had planned so well now has to be flip flopped with the bedroom - which was the original plan. I was pretty frustrated with trying to figure out how to avoid a change, but it is what it is. At least the addition is just plywood and I have not sided it yet. I will have to change out the window again. My friend suggested I put a bay window in that room - which sounds like a great idea. It should flow nice with the bay portion of the front of the house.
over all back view

Bedroom back to original plan. Will have to repaint (again). Undecided if I will go back to the original paint job or not.
Love this little decoration. Not sure if it is a perfume bottle, but it is just so delicat e looking.

Since I have to move my kitchen, that means I will have to move the window also. What a pain in the butt, as this is the milled plywood.

On the second floor I will have game room. 


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